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Tata Capital - Set your alarms, for #HappyHours are here! | Save up to INR 18,750! Presenting #HappyHours | Blockchain, Fintech, E-commerce &..

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Save up to INR 18,750! Presenting #HappyHours - ZERO processing fee on personal loans of up to INR 15 lakhs available between 1pm and 7pm on March 15th only! Use the promo code – HAPPYHOURS. Click on the link to set a reminder today -> http://bit.ly/2Ft6chE

Retail Borrowers Cornerstone of India's Economic Growth

With growing demand for a wide variety of household loans, NBFCs with their technology aided services and omnichannel presence are set to change the game in the retail loan sector. Read more on why retail borrowers stand to effect change on the nation’s economy.

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May the colours of Holi spread peace, happiness, love, and laughter for us all. To celebrating responsibly and with care, let us create colourful memories that we all can cherish! #HappyHoli #DoRight
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