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Tate Photo 2018-02-17 16:42

'So an artwork emerges that may look quite good for a while – airy and colourful and new. But that will only last for a day at most. Then the real work begins – changing, eradicating, starting again, and so on, until it's done' - Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter, Abstract Paintin...

Tate Photo 2018-02-16 19:48

WORK OF THE WEEK is Martin Boyce's new site installation, Remembered Skies. A constellation of illuminated, tumbling letters spell the work's title across the paved terrace outside Tate Britain.

The title is inspired by the compositions of JMW Turner’s paintings, whose skies were a c...

Tate Photo 2018-02-16 15:45

‘I want to do in paint what Dickens has done in words’ - Vincent van Gogh

Tate Britain will open a major Vincent van Gogh exhibition in
March 2019, bringing together over 40 works from around the world. The exhibition will be the first to explore the artist through his relationship with Bri...

Tate Photo 2018-02-15 20:05

The Tate Weather forecast is looking unpredictable for this weekend, much like the patterns and forms in Choucair's work. https://goo.gl/QQzSRX

See Saloua Raouda Choucair Composition in Blue Module, 1947–51 at Tate Modern in the Modern Times Display Room.

Tate Photo 2018-02-14 20:05

★★★★ 'Journey through the hopeful & the horrifying' – Evening Standard
Don't miss the last chance to see Red Star Over Russia at Tate Modern, closing this Sunday: https://goo.gl/py3GyN

Adolf Strakhov, Emancipated Woman – Build Socialism!, 1926, Lithograph on...

Tate Photo 2018-02-14 15:49

Sometimes love is complicated. Happy Valentine's Day!

Edwina Sandys, Frolic on the Green 1976, Tate collection https://goo.gl/zCfQHE

Tate Photo 2018-02-13 20:58

Here Sleigh paints her lover, art critic Lawrence Alloway, as his alter-ego, ‘Hetty’, who Sleigh described as ‘a mythological character in our love game’. This intimate early work is powerful in destabilising the notion of fixed and innate masculinity and femininity.

Sylvia Sleigh's T...

Tate Photo 2018-02-13 17:08

TATE KIDS: It's Pancake Day and to help you celebrate we have our top 5 pancake related artworks for you to tuck into! https://goo.gl/82b6Tc

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What does it mean to be a creative type? Drop in to Tate Exchange next Wednesday to explore personality types and create your own study of the artistic mind.
21 February, 12-6pm: https://goo.gl/1kwJpJ

Tate Photo 2018-02-11 19:49

Discover and rediscover the art you love. Sign up to Tate emails for weekly art updates straight to your inbox: https://goo.gl/dsCzPV

Joseph Mallord William Turner, The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire ..., exhibited 1817, Tate collection

Photos from Tate's post - Tate 2018-02-11 16:05

Using groundbreaking conservation methods based on nanotechnology, Tate conservators and conservation scientists recently restored Roy Lichtenstein’s Whaam! before it went on display this week at Tate Liverpool https://goo.gl/zVaXSQ

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls ...
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National Gallery Photo 2018-02-17 11:37

'Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter' is the only known portrait in which Gainsborough included himself with his family. Gainsborough holds in his hand a paper, perhaps once showing a sketch, but now transparent with age, as is the figure of the child. It has been presumed that she must be the Gainsborough's eldest surviving daughter Mary, born shortly before February 1750. The dog seems content drinking from the pond or stream slightly showing in the foreground. This painting is on display in Room 35: http://bit.ly/2EJyfYT

British Museum Photo 2018-02-17 09:00

Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ and ‘The Thinker’ are now regarded as masterpieces in their own right, but did you know neither of them started out as individual works? They originally formed part of his elaborate composition ‘The Gates of Hell’, depicting a scene from Dante’s ‘Inferno’. The monumental sculpture stands 6m tall and 4m wide, commissioned in 1880 for a new decorative arts museum in Paris. The museum never got built, but Rodin continued to work on this huge sculpture for over 20 years. Find out more about Rodin in our blog post: http://ow.ly/HZoo30irr5i See brilliant sculpture created millennia apart, and discover the links between them in our #RodinExhibition: http://ow.ly/ZDO330irram

American Museum of Natural History Photo 2018-02-17 02:04

Did you know all dogs evolved from wolves as a result of multiple domestication events that took place at least 15,000 years ago? Wolves have the widest natural range of any land mammal other than humans and once occupied most of the Northern Hemisphere. They have evolved with humans over time, both as workmates and companions. You can share this fact about the origins of man’s best friend as we head into the Year of the Dog this Lunar New Year! Photo: AMNH/R. Mickens