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The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2017-09-22 13:14

This bothered me so much esp. the likes and comments it followed! It's really *over-doing* a mother's love. Rough translation is: "someone asked a mom that if Jannah is removed from under her feet and in exchange she is offered something else then what would she ask Allah. She replied that She would ask to be able to write her children's qadar because there is no Jannah more valuable to her than their happiness." Seriously a'oodhobillah! 1. Who can claim to write a better and more sincere Qadar for our kids than Allah azzawajal. 2. Allah's Qadar is written in complete perfection and no one else can do better. 3. Who can claim to love someone-- even our kids-- more than Allah. 3. Even a mother won't give her good deeds to her children on the day of judgment to save them and will be concerned for her ownself. Only Allah will be Merciful and only His Mercy will save them that day. I'd give up my life for my kids but I know Allah loves them more and there's no one-- not even me-- who can love them more than Allah Al-Wudood. So whatever difficulty and sadness crosses their path, it is in Allah's perfect plan. Yes, our kids' pain makes us sad but that's when we put our trust in Allah and firmly believe that whatever is happening is *best for them* and is a manifestation of the love of the One who loves them the most. - End of venting - Sister Saba Syed