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Treasure Hunters Batsu 2018/19 – RAWS | Team Gaki

Thank you all for waiting! Here is the RAW we will be using to sub! Download: 720p RAW Download Torrents: Please remember to seed torrents after you downloaded them!

American Police Batsu 2017/18 – V2 Subs and Hardsubs | Team Gaki

Thank you everyone for your patience. Here are the V2 softsubs and hardsubs. The torrent has both 720p and 1080p version, so you can choose which you would like. Softsubs: 720p RAW Download | 720p RAW Torrent 720p V2 Subtitles (If subtitles show in browser, use Save Page As) 1080p RAW To...

American Police Batsu 2017/18 – Part 8 | Team Gaki

Nearly There! Enjoy Part 8! We will be announcing Drunk Gaki live stream session pretty soon after Part 10, so look forward to that! Download: Part 8 RAW Part 8 Subtitle File Part 1-8 subfile 720p | 1080p Part 8 Hardsub Dailymotion Stream Here:

American Police Batsu 2017/18 – Part 1 | Team Gaki

Welcome to 2018! We started a little late on this one due to the pain of getting a RAW this year... who knew... Anyway, lets get started with Part 1 Download: Part 1 RAW Part 1 Subtitle File Part 1 Hardsub Stream on DailyMotion Stream Here:

Oogui Eating Contest and Tarai Roulette - Team Gaki 2017-07-15 15:57

Hey guys,

We have reached over 10,000 likes on facebook now! Thank you so much guys for the support!

We have two new episodes for you today to celebrate this! Oogui eating contest and Tarai Roulette Batsu!

Enjoy guys!


Team Gaki - Team Gaki 2017-06-16 18:41

Join fellow Gaki fans for Drunk Gaki at the following times this evening:
6pm PST / 9pm EST / 2am GMT / 3AM CET @
Voice and text chat on Discord: