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The Artsong Project - Happy Birthday #Finnish #composer Ilmari | Happy 150th Birthday #composer Amy #Beach! | Wishing Happy Birthday to one of our..

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Rebecca Clarke Shy One | The Art Song Project

Wishing Happy Birthday to one of our favorite #composers: Rebecca #Clarke !
Here's her beautiful song "Shy one"
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“Retailers need to promote what’s new. When you have an established business, it’s difficult to compete with new brands. It can be taxing on a design team to constantly reinvent and innovate fast enough to break through the market saturation. In addition, it’s important to keep your brand DNA focused. Chasing another brands aesthetic is a way to get lost in a saturated market.”—Felita Harris, Senior VP Global Sales of ALEXANDER WANG, on standing out in a saturated market. ... Join the livestream at (link in bio) to catch our final #ItemsMoMA sessions of the day including Licensing and Forecasting, Retail and Circulation, and our final debate, “This House believes that we should stop buying clothes.”

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For Throwback Thursday, let's peer into the Museum’s photo archives! Here’s a snap from 1966 showing two women viewing the sauropod Apatosaurus—then known as Brontosaurus—in the Hall of Early Dinosaurs, which opened in 1939. Organized chronologically, this hall grouped species from the Jurassic period, including Stegosaurus and Allosaurus. A complete redo of the fossil halls in the 1990s focused on evolutionary relationships instead, landing Apatosaurus in its current place: across from Tyrannosaurus rex in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. Have you visited the Museum recently to see our new giant sauropod, the Titanosaur? It just received its scientific name in August.

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Fashion is Kale: Charles Elliott Harbison, Founder and Creativ...: What challenge to building a fashion brand or business do you wish was discussed more? For Charles Harbison, Founder and Creative Director of HARBISON, it’s the importance and difficulties of developing forward-thinking products. Join the livestream of #ItemsMoMA’s Fashion is Kale symposium at to catch up on today’s sessions with the hidden heroes of the fashion industry. Up next: Trial (gauging market response), and Production (from prototype to product).