The Aurora Chasers


The Aurora Chasers - Saturday was our last tour of the Fall season | We love to make our guess happy and we love | Peaceful dance after first burst..

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The Aurora Chasers Photo 2017-10-16 21:57

Saturday was our last tour of the Fall season which means it's time to start thinking about those winter scene and booking your Spring trip with us. We'll be starting back up on the 2nd week of February but Spring books fast so don't miss out. We hope to have you out under the lights with us t...

The Aurora Chasers Photo 2017-10-15 00:51

Roping the Moon

I took this photo for our dear friend Lynette who spent some time with us last week on her 4th trip for Aurora. She was really hoping to get some Aurora dancing around the moon but as it would turn out, the weather got in our way during most of her visit. So when I saw this sc...
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