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Click here to support Synthetic Pet Turf organized by Friends of TCAS

We are raising money for The Colony Animal Services in hopes to have synthetic grass installed in the backyard for the animals to play on. Right now they have uneven areas that hold water and mud and limit where the animals can have fun at. Installing synthetic grass will help solve many issues the ...

The Colony Animal Services is celebrating spring break.

It’s #SpringBreak!!!!! Our animals want to break out of the shelter for Spring Break as well. We want to help make this happen by offering half price adoptions until the 17th. Come in today and help us with our latest mission, Mission #SpringBreakOut!

The Colony Animal Services is feeling blessed.

Dear Friends,

As I celebrate my three-year anniversary with this shelter, I am amazed and truly humbled by the changes that I have been a part of as shelter manager for The Colony Animal Services. I will never forget my first day as I witnessed my staff working with nosebleeds because they ...
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