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The Ideal Muslimah - The Ideal Muslimah 2018-11-21 12:45

Don’t hate those who lied to you, cheated and betrayed you. It will teach you to rely on Allah and expect less from creation. They will be answerable for their deeds and you will be accountable for your deeds. Forgive them and leave everything to Allah. He is Just.

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-11-21 06:59

This picture is a celebration of one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Reading the entire Holy Quran, in its original language, Arabic. Not only did I read it, but I wrote down the entire Book by hand and translated every word for myself, all 114 Surahs. This took me 6 months to do...

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-11-18 17:41

“…And if something (bad) befalls you, do not say, ‘Had I only done such-and-such, then such-and-such would have happened, rather say: Qadrullaahi, wa maa shaa’ fa’ala (This is from the Qadr of Allaah, and He does whatever He wills).”
[Muslim : Book 33 Hadith 6441]
Faith IQ - The Ideal Muslimah 2018-10-25 17:52

Faith IQ - The Ideal Muslimah 2018-10-25 17:52

Faith IQ: EVERY YOUNG MUSLIM SHOULD WATCH THIS! SubhanAllah such humble answer by Shaykh Yahya Adel Ibrahim! :)

There comes a time in life where Allah opens the gates of tawfeeq and knowledge for us all. We journey on gaining and practicing knowledge about this beautiful deen of Allah...
Faith IQ - The Ideal Muslimah 2018-10-21 16:18

Faith IQ - The Ideal Muslimah 2018-10-21 16:18

Faith IQ: Tag someone who has tough working hours! :)

A great number of people have demanding jobs. Demanding jobs means very little free time. Prayer times, especially during the short days of winter becomes difficult to meet. In this situation, Am I allowed to combine my prayers?...

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-10-21 12:37

MashaAllah very true but if advise lacks proper adaab, akhlaaq and sunnah it backfires and is useless.

Here are some quick checks before you advise someone:
- Why are you advising? For their sake so that they get close to Allah or to boost your ego and show off how much you know or how ...

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-10-20 17:38

If you want peace, if you want success, if you want barakah in rizq and if you want to see amazing things happen in your life, then make Dhikr as often as you can. The more you remember Allah, the more He will remember you... And what can be better than being remembered by the Lord of the Wo...

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-10-20 09:52

#Dhikr Challenge :)
📚 %9DWhoever says “La ilaha ill-Allah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahu’l-mulk wa lahu’l-hamd wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadeer❞ 100 times in the day, will have a reward equivalent to that of freeing 10 slaves, one hundred hasanahs (good deeds) will be recorded for him, a...

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-10-13 11:43

My sisters who are mothers and care takers please prioritise yourself and have some me time. It is not always possible I know.
Sending love and hugs to mothers/guardians who sacrifice their entire life and then some more for their children.
If you know a mother offer to babysit her kids so s...