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The Luxe Manor - 知道我們的賓客有着舒適美滿的住宿體驗是給我們的最大鼓勵及維持高水平服務質素的原動力。非常多.. | 【Are You The Lucky One?】,If your passport | Sometimes we will miss the greens....

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The Luxe Manor feeling thankful at The Luxe Manor.


Knowing our guests were having a comfortable stay with us is our greatest encouragement and reward. Thank you for the little guest from Taiwan 🇹🇼 for drawing us a beautiful card, we look forward to giving the...

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【Are You The Lucky One?】
If your passport name contains any one of the letters: 「T」, 「L」 or 「M」, congratulations, you will get at least HK$100 dining credit in addition to the best rate if you book direct with us.



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🌳🌳🌳Sometimes we will miss the greens while staying in the urban jungle like here in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Luckily #KowloonPark is just 5-minute walk from us. Take a deep fresh breath and have a morning jog tomorrow morning might be a good way to start your weekend.

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The Luxe Manor sunbathing at Stanley Main Beach.

暑假已不經不覺過了一半了,您是否已經安排好出國旅遊行程? 還沒有心儀的目的地?🤔 %A8劃來香港也不差呢! %E9港的泳灘大部分離市區只需半個鐘左右,相當方便,是相當不錯的夏日景點。

🍹暑假限量住宿優惠:優惠房價港幣1,997元* 連續兩晚入住高級客房

Summer Holiday is already halfway through. Have you made your summer trip yet? 🤔 No idea? Hong Kong has lots of coolest eat & play...

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🖼 Art pieces & designer furnitures are set in different of our corners. Which is your favourite one?
Hashtag #theluxemanorhk to share your moment with us
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【Suite Snap 📷】 What do you see in this picture? A water drop or a diving posture of a woman? There's a Chinese proverb says women are made of water. Do you know why?

你看到的是一珠水滴還是在跳水中的少女. 中文有一諺語說「女人是水做的」, 你知道它的出處嗎?

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TLM Themed Suites Tour by Valentina Carbone

TLM Themed Suites Tour by Valentina Carbone: Follow Italian travel blogger Il Travel Blog di Valentina Carbone to check out our charming #themed suites.

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#SupriseFriday 香港 #最型的銀幕警察 、著名電影演員任達華先生今午忙裡偷閒,蒞臨北歐餐廳 FINDS 享受難得的悠閒時光。

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Apart from joining the local to view the spectacular firework displays along the harbour, check-out one of these 10 attractions which were developed since the establishment of HKSAR on this special day.

除了在晚上到 #維多利亞港 兩岸欣賞 #煙花匯演, 趁今天這個特別的日子, 挑選一個在 #香港特別行政區 成立後而發展出來的景點遊覽一下吧!

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