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Opinion | Warmongers and Peacemakers at the U.N.

The United Nations isn’t the venue one would expect for threatening war. Yet that’s what President Trump did in his first address to the General Assembly.

Opinion | How Not to ‘Win Hearts and Minds’

Most Americans arrived in the country without knowledge of the culture and the people. “My time in Vietnam is the memory of ignorance,” one soldier later wrote.

Undercover With the Alt-Right - The New York Times Opinion Section 2017-09-19 22:33

Undercover With the Alt-Right: “It’s going to end with concentration camps and expulsions and war at the cost of a few hundred million people,” Jason Reza Jorjani told Patrik Hermansson, a Swedish graduate student who went undercover in the world of the extreme-right. Jorjani was a co-founder...