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“Your breath can be taken away by a lot of different things at 12,000ft. (especially hiking there) 😆” - Miguel Sabol (@miguel_sabol) • You have 44 Days left of summer to go on a killer adventure! Be sure to use #LoboSummer18 for a chance to be reposted!

Math Professor John Shadid named SIAM fellow

Sh-he-did what!? John Shadid has been named a 2018 fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. SIAM is an international society of more than 14,000 individual, academic and corporate members from 85 countries. Click here to learn more about John and SIAM:

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“Edl has an extensive background in research and developing partnerships with the national labs” said Abdallah. Which is exactly why Edl Schamiloglu has been appointed Special Assistant to the Provost for Laboratory Relations, effective July 1, 2018. Click here to learn more about Schamiloglu:...

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Lobo student-athletes hard work in the classroom and on the fields pay off. There has been 20 straight semesters with at least a 3.0 GPA for student-athletes! Several teams achieved record high GPAs, like the beach volleyball team setting the bar high with a 4.0 GPA average! The mens golf team...

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For the love of science, UNM Professor Katie Witkiewitz has been chosen as the new NIH chair. Witkiewitz research is focused mainly on addiction and substance abuse. Sound interesting? It is! Click here to read more about Witkiewitz’s research and role:

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Travel costs covered, on-campus housing, 5,000 dollar stipend and more. Eight UNM undergraduate students of 141 applicants were chosen to attend The Physics and Astronomy Research Experience Program. Several educational outings and research opportunities will hopefully expose students to STEM ...

Helping children with communication disorders find their voice

UNM helps kids with communication disorders speak their minds. The school has been awarded a National Institutes of Health grant to research and help better understand the development of those with severe speech impairments. Click here to learn more:

UNM researchers help redefine Grand Canyon’s rock layers

The Grand Canyon is a MAJOR summer adventure spot! Check out how UNM researchers reexamine the Grand Canyon’s rock layers and the history behind them! Sound Awesome? It is! Read all about it here:

UNM researchers seek novel path to understanding Alzheimer’s disease

“Today in our state, there are 107,000 unpaid family members taking care of at least 39,000 of their loved ones who are diagnosed with the disease; and the numbers are only growing," - Gary Girón%2C executive director of the Alzheimer’s Association, New Mexico Chapter.

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