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Mueller Focuses on Molehills - The Wall Street Journal 2018-02-25 02:00

WSJ Opinion: Let’s be realistic: The Russian propaganda activities detailed in Robert Mueller’s indictment last week had less impact on the election than 20 seconds of cable TV coverage (pick a channel) of any of Mr. Trump’s rallies. Only the media’s beloved hindsight fallacy suggests otherw...

China Humiliates Another Western Company

WSJ Opinion: In exchange for continued access to Chinese markets, Beijing increasingly expects Western companies to engage in self-censorship, accept government control over information, and even punish their own workers for offending China. Is the cost of doing business too high? writes M...

House Releases Democratic Memo on Russia Investigation

A Democratic memo released Saturday defended federal investigators’ handling of the surveillance of a former Donald Trump campaign adviser and rejected the GOP's contention that the agents had a partisan motive for looking into his conduct.