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The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2017-10-17 06:36

We are people of the moment. We want to become successful without the draining efforts of our hard work. We want to reach the finish line without running the tiring and painful miles. We want to achieve Jannah without giving up the enjoyments and comforts of the dunya - We want that immediate gratification, that leads us to live only in the present. We become so lost in this moment, and so limited by our temporary emotions that we lose focus and hope in that success, that finish line, that house in Jannah. That is why so many of us struggle to practice patience. It's hard to look beyond the pain of our struggles sometimes - losing hope in our prayers. The truth is, Allah always answers our prayers, we are just always in a hurry. We are people of the moment. But no success in this life comes without struggle. We have to endure the hard work, the run, the losses, in order to reach the goal we prayed for. The difficulties of this moment are not obstacles to our happiness, they are a means to it. And the sooner we learn to accept this moment as something temporary and trust in Allah's wisdom and plans, the easier this moment will pass. So... "endure patiently, with a beautiful patience" - [Al Ma’arij verse: 5] ❤️