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ZipStitch Laceration Kit

ZipStitch allows you to non-invasively treat minor lacerations in seconds, wherever you may be, without the hassle & cost of going to the ER for stitches. It brings peace of mind to any situation. Use code Broke30 to save up to 50% @! $29.99

Weighted Clothes That Get You In Shape

How would you like to become faster and stronger, at the snap of your fingers? With weighted clothes, you can train all day, week, and even month-long all while doing normal, everyday tasks. The competition won’t even know what happened. $175.00 Check it out Save

Northern Lights Wilderness Camp

Leave the city lights behind and get a front row seat to one of the greatest light shows on the planet by booking your stay at the Northern Lights Wilderness Camp. You’ll get to stay in 1 of 3 heated, cozy, and rustic cabins with running water, a comfy bed, and amazing views. $2,238.00

Nick Offerman Lagavulin Whisky

Take a cue from Ron Swanson – and Nick Offerman – by quenching your thirst with the Nectar of the Gods known as Lagavulin Scotch whisky. The Parks and Recs actor has teamed up with the renowned Scottish distillery to produce this limited edition 11 year single malt. $75.00

Elephant Shit Delivery Service

Ruin someone’s day by anonymously sending them a box of crap with this devious elephant shit delivery service. If elephant shit isn’t good enough for your revenge tactics, you can up the ante to gorilla dung – guaranteed to make someone go ape shit with rage. $14.95

Pan/Tilt/Zoom WiFi Security Camera

Who says a high quality security camera has to break the bank? With its 110° per second rotation speed, 360° horizontal range, and 93° vertical range, Wyze Cam Pan delivers 360° coverage for a fraction of the price of a traditional premium security camera! $36.59

Personalized Kids Crayons Set

Nourish your little artist’s creativity by surprising her with this personalized kids crayons set. The crayons come in sets ranging anywhere from 4 to 14 and are each made from a variety of differently colored crayons which gives each letter a unique and abstract appearance. $19.95

Multi-Use Survival Machete

If you’re heading into the wild, don’t do so without this multi-use survival machete. This ultra versatile and deadly high-carbon steel machete sports an ergonomic ash wood handle and can be utilized as a machete, a shovel, a brush axe, and a knife. $175.00

The Ultimate Cookie Dunking Mug

Teach your kids to snack the right way from early on by using the ultimate cookie dunking mug. The ingenious and ultra practical design will allow your kids to place their cookies inside of small compartments around the rim until they’re ready to dunk them into the milk. $19.95

Ping Pong Dining Table

Enjoy the perks of having a game room without making your home look like a giant man cave by trading up to the ping pong dining table. This rustic and stylish piece of furniture is expertly handmade from solid walnut and accented with maple rails to create a striking look. $5,600.00

Horse Sand Fort Island

If you’ve got deep pockets and value your privacy, the Horse Sand Fort Island is for you! Originally constructed by the British for military purposes, this 100,000 square-foot fixer-upper is now ready to be completely renovated and gain a new lease on life. $964,000.00

Tiffany & Co. Advent Calendar

The Tiffany & Co. advent calendar stands in a class of its own. Styled after Tiffany’s iconic Fifth Avenue store, this 4-foot tall advent calendar will make the countdown to this year’s Christmas one you’ll never forget, with 24 gorgeous and tastefully designed pieces of jewelry. $112,000.00
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