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TPJ Customs - Sunday clean the shelves off special. $250 | Errbody mad at harley today. I love my mono | @beringerbrakes @avonmoto @blackbikewheels..

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TPJ Customs Photo 2017-09-11 01:06

Sunday clean the shelves off special. $250 for front caliper 99 under mount. $225 for universal black caliper. $325 perse 3degree trees with no pinch bolts and one mark. Send DM for more pics and info. If you like make an offer. PayPal today and get free shipping

TPJ Customs Photo 2017-07-17 14:27

@beringerbrakes @avonmoto @blackbikewheels @bakerdrivetrain @clearwaterlights #randomengineering @misterryanboyd @fxr4life @allthingsrollin @omgwraps @torchind @ohlinsusa @ripcitywrecker @dynatekelectronics @leftylerg @aja38 #precisionstrippingandcoating @edsubias...

TPJ Customs Photo 2017-05-19 17:49

It all starts with the simple things. First piece of many and this project is going to take awhile but when complete will have something that inspired me so many years ago and got sidetracked from.

TPJ Customs Photo 2017-04-07 14:54

@beringerbrakes @avonmoto @blackbikewheels @bakerdrivetrain @clearwaterlights #randomengineering @misterryanboyd @fxr4life @allthingsrollin @omgwraps @torchind @ohlinsusa @ripcitywrecker @dynatekelectronics @leftylerg @aja38 #precisionstrippingandcoating @edsubias...
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