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TPJ Customs - From ASSY to CLASSY just like that. | My dream has come true. Everyone in California | The #GOAT was in the house at the @the1moto..

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TPJ Customs Photo 2018-02-23 15:26

My dream has come true. Everyone in California west of me has been destroyed or maybe just fog. Im so hopeing it's the first option. @ripcitywrecker @coachmccoy09 @leftylerg @torchind @rkbkustomspeed @misterryanboyd @kirktaylor.cds @laspeedshop @cherryjg25 @alexisthmpsn @my2adams @agrx812

Photos from TPJ Customs's post - TPJ Customs 2018-02-14 16:52

The #GOAT was in the house at the @the1moto show last weekend. He kept hidden pretty good but he left one of his iconic bikes to check out. The attention to detail is unreal. Especially for a bike that's older than my kids. Hope the foot heels up good. #ifyoudontknowyouaintabuilder #kingof...

TPJ Customs Photo 2018-02-08 23:38

It must be so difficult to wake up in the morning knowing you are so badass. @misterryanboyd must have this problem every morning. Killed it again as usual. #pimpinainteasybuthemakesitlookthatway @ripcitywrecker

TPJ Customs Photo 2017-11-27 15:26

End of the year is coming close. Our build schedule for next year is almost all filled up. We have 3 full custom builds coming together next year. THERE IS ONE MORE SPOT OPEN FOR 2018. We can do anything from mild to wild. If you are interested contact me soon to get your spot. Once it's gone it'...
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