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Are you an avocado fan? 🥑 🐶 Don’t feed your dog avocado, since it can be poisonous for your four-legged friend. Discover more toxic pet foods here: 👉🏻

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Spring is the perfect season for outdoor activities with your dog. However, warm weather also means that ticks become active and your dog can also become a victim of ticks and fleas. Check out these tips for protecting your dog against ticks:

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Do you know which are the differences between a microchip and a GPS Tracker? Get the answer right now in our Tractive Blog:
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☀ Good day ‘I Love My Dog’ fans and welcome to the “Dog of The Day” Friday, 4/20/18. Please say, 'hello' to Kira, posted by Marymar Mendoza‎, and we quote "This is my sweet child Kira. She turns 1 on April 27th 💜" ❤ If you haven't posted a photo 📸 of your best fur-friend with us yet, please visit us by clicking ➩ Thank you for being a fan of our page and we look forward to seeing all of your amazing photos. Have a great paw-some day! :) ~ ‘I Love My Dog’ Team