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Rip Curl - Tune Protect 2018-12-09 07:28

Can I get a woot woot! 🙌🏻 The Safari Grom Search 2018 powered by Rip Curl is back!

We are proud to be the exclusive protection partner for the contestants, providing Sports+ coverage - protection for extreme sports.

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way! 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️

#tuneprotect #sports

Tune Protect Photo 2018-12-04 04:00

Talking to a doctor has never been easier thanks to DoctorOnCall! Now with your Tune Protect Travel AirAsia plan, you can get FREE and easy access to a virtual doctor during your travels. Worry no more about language barrier or finding the closest doctor. Just get online and get connected!


Tune Protect Photo 2018-11-28 06:07

What does tuna have to do with sports? 🐟

Click here to read about it! https://www.tuneprotect.com/chatterbug/the-wackiest-craziest-and-downright-wtf-sports-played-around-the-world/

#chatterbug #sportsprotection #tuneprotect #tuna

Tune Protect Photo 2018-11-26 02:58

Does this recipe sound like a train wreck to you? Surprise, surprise, it’s Cyber Monday! But did you know it’s also Cake Day? 🍰🎂

What could be more perfect than shopping and indulging in a delectable slice of cake? 😍😋

#cybermonday #cakeday #tuneprotect

Tune Protect Photo 2018-11-14 08:48

Us when it’s only Wednesday.

Have you guys seen the new teaser for Toy Story 4? Pixar’s got us feeling to infinity and beyond.

#ToyStory4 #Pixar
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Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, YES BANK - “RBI’s unanimously delivered 25bps hike has been balanced with a neutral stance, reinforcing MPC’s alacrity to retain inflation within its 4.0% target amidst hitherto buildup in price pressures led by crude prices. The rate action comes at a time when economic recovery now appears to be on a firmer footing. This stance allows RBI the choice to act in accordance with evolving macro and financial conditions, in both global and domestic economy in the coming months. Amidst many moving parts, this will entail a careful balancing of global headwinds from elevated crude prices, geopolitical tensions, and domestic policies of MSPs, state pay commissions on growth-inflation dynamics.” #RBIPolicy