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Turkish Airlines - We are looking for new pilots! Join us at | Boarding passes written in the Braille alphabet | We are looking for new pilots! Join..

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Famous actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jaime in Game of Thrones, talked to Barbaros Tapan of Skylife Magazine. https://www.skylife.com/en/2017-09-business/i-ve-made-it-so-far-in-game-of-thrones
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#TeamSkyscanner Stories: Jenna in Malta "I went to Malta this year because I was seeking some sunshine. I completely underestimated it. All 3 islands are stunning and it has more ancient history than anywhere else I've experienced. It is the perfect destination for anyone who likes gorgeous landscapes, fascinating architecture and beautiful food. So easy to navigate as a solo traveller and equally perfect for families, couples or groups."