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Turtle Wealth Manage - Insurance is one of the most neglected yet | attend the most exceptional event and register | to get the life-changing experience...

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Insurance is one of the most neglected yet the most important attribute in human life today, as a full time Investor & Trader I have understood that its very important to have right Insurance in every aspect of life to live a Wealthy Life, in Turtle Talk #15 you will come to know that ...

Rohan Mehta - Turtle Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. 2017-09-26 10:30

I am highly elated to announce the winners of Goodreads
Giveaway as follows:

Aditya Bharti from Bangalore
Neelesh Ranjane from Thane
Naveen Talreja from Bangalore
Lakshmi Balakrishnan from Trichur
Murtaza Kanorwala from Pune

Congratulations on winning your FREE signed copies!...

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One of the most Exciting and Hatke Turtle Talk coming, where the art to Spot Companies which may not have great Past but can have a Great Future.

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A Real Story of a 29 Year Old, who lost his vision before 8 years, but he didn't give up, today he is a Top Trader at an Multinational Bank, Living a life which we cant imagine.

I bet it would be the most inspirational and heart warming speech you have ever heard in your life.

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