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Ultimate Ears Pro - Calling all drummers! Kenny Sharretts Drum | Start customizing your Ultimate Ears today | Art, technology and science merge to..

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Ultimate Ears Pro Photo 2018-02-08 17:59

Rob Hammersmith is the drummer in the legendary band SKID ROW. Learn how Rob made the move from wedges to in-ears and how Ultimate Ears fit into his setup. http://ultmt.rs/2siRe7D

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Ultimate Ears Pro Photo 2018-02-01 18:07

Thanks to everyone who brought their Ultimate Ears to our booth at NAMM. This was the oldest pair we checked in. We were happy to see they were still in perfect working condition. Share your Ultimate Ears with us by using the #iuseUE hashtag.

Ultimate Ears Pro Photo 2018-01-31 17:21

Are you using in-ears or Ultimate Ears? Thanks to @mkcmusic with MALUMA for this great photo. If you have a photo you'd like to share, be sure to use the #iuseUE #UEPRO hashtags.

Ultimate Ears Pro Photo 2018-01-24 18:02

Attending The NAMM Show? Be sure to stop by our booth #10402 in Hall A to experience the Wall of Sound.

Can't attend the show? That's ok. We'll be broadcasting LIVE on our Facebook page tomorrow through Sunday!

Ultimate Ears Pro Photo 2018-01-22 14:15

Can't make it to The NAMM Show? We'll bring a piece of NAMM to you!

Join us on Facebook Live this Thurs - Sun with LIVE! Q&A's, booth tours, performances and an in-depth look at the entire Ultimate Ears lineup.

Ultimate Ears Pro Video 2018-01-19 01:42

Bring your favorite fitting in-ears (any brand) to our booth # 10402 in Hall A at The NAMM Show, January 25-28 and we will digitally CLONE them. Yes, we will be digitally cloning iemโ€™s at our booth! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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