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Philosophy: Proving that Where There’s Grace, There’s Hope

Left: Natasha Bedingfield. Right: Renewed Hope in a Jar.For more than 30 years, Philosophy has been focused on love, hope, and (even if there isn’t a jar with this name on it) truth. They face the truth when they acknowledge that 450 million people worldwide suffer from mild to serious...

Fresh Covers All the Planets with Susan Miller

Susan Miller and Robert VerdiThe Fresh beauty brand decided to start off the new year clean by launching an astrology-themed series covering their four iconic scented soaps (Sugar____, for Earth signs; Verbena____, for Air signs; Mangosteen, for Fire signs; and Waterlily____, for Wat...

Alex Stupak’s Midnight Snack

Always keep at least two types of salsa in your fridge at all times. Photograph by Justin Bishop.“I’m never going to be this famous-chef presence—I can’t be—because I say very inconvenient things to people all the time, and that’s O.K.”That’s Chef Alex Stupak. Nevermind he’s pretty damn famous, ...
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