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Setting the Record Straight on GMO Myths and Truths

Here's how you can effectively answer GMO proponents who claim that genetic engineering is “safe and beneficial”, and respond to friends and family who have fallen for their oft-repeated myths...

By contributing writer Dr. Joseph Mercola

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The New Paradigm: The Birth of Full Spectrum Body-Based Consciousness

By considering this reality “just an illusion”, aren't we negating the purpose of our lives on this planet? Aren't the lessons we learn and integrate in the physical realm eternal to the spirit, and therefore, themselves eternal?

By contributing writer Indra


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Join the 2018 Food Revolution Summit - Wake Up World 2018-04-21 14:00

The typical Western Diet is leading to heart disease, dementia, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. As a society — and as individuals — we’re paying a terrible price for a toxic food system. Get informed so you can make better food choices today! Reserve your free spot in the Fo...
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