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Wally and Molly - Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been such | If you've never seen a bunny in a hanging | I hope watching this video is as much of..

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Wally and Molly Photo 2017-08-30 16:11

Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted! I was very busy with work and now I'm in the process of moving! I've had no time to take photos, so here is one of Otis on the day after I brought him home. I couldn't help but plop him in the fern plant for ...

Wally and Molly Photo 2017-08-03 12:53

Otis wants to show people how tall he is and was wondering if people think a career in the NBA might be in his future? (I didn't tell him this, but my opinion is yes ... if NBA stands for Naughty Bunny Association. 😆)

Wally and Molly Photo 2017-07-19 13:14

Good morning from little Oti! Suki and I call him Oti, but when I'm speaking about him formally or if he does something bad like pee on Suki's head (he's still very young 🙈) I use Otis. 😆

Wally and Molly Photo 2017-07-13 13:22

Suki has been such a good girl while bonding with Otis. She was not nearly as mean to him as Wally was to her. 🙈 She is so generous with her grooming and has been so patient with Otis; he has hardly groomed her! Boys. 🙄 (When bunnies start grooming each other, it's a sure sign they are bonding.) S...
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I Love My Dog Photo 2017-09-20 10:29

☀ Hello again ‘I Love My Dog’ fans and welcome to our “Dog of The Day” who is "Emmi" for this Wednesday, September 20th, 2017. 'I Love My Dog' now has well over 5 million amazing dog lovers as fans! Our thoughts and prayers are always with us for the human and animal victims of Hurricanes Harvey then Irma and now Maria. Please say, 'hello' to Emmi posted by Joanne Cristiano‎ and we quote her saying: "Emmi loves hangin out on the deck!" ❤ If you haven't posted a photo 📸 of your best fur-friend with us yet, please visit us by clicking ➩ I Love My Dog Thank you for being a fan of our page and we look forward to seeing all of your amazing photos. Have a great Wednesday! :) ~The ‘I Love My Dog’ Team….. #ILOVEMYDOG #WEDNESDAY