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Whatcom Community Fo - Hello Whatcom County noprofit partners! | So proud to share this interview with our | “Communal meals transform food into..

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Wanna peek in my panniers? - Healthy Knees Coach

A few days ago Robin and Doug Robertson packed up and headed off on their 'Ride C2C' adventure! As a part of this coast to coast quest, these bold cyclists are raising money for organizations close to their hearts - including the Whatcom Community Foundation. We are so grateful to be includ...

Why were those Ferndale middle school kids putting up signs?

"Dreams do come true." "Good things take time."

These positive messages from the 7th graders at Horizon Middle School now line Thornton Road and Vista Drive in Ferndale. We are proud to fund their thoughtful - and neighborly - project through #ProjectNei...

WCLS Wins National Marketing Award | Whatcom County Library System

Way to go Whatcom County Library System!

We love our libraries here in Whatcom County! We are proud to support both WCLS and the Bellingham Public Library - Bellingham, WA as they bring books, information and fun to all of our neighbors.