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Yuketen - 15y: Yuketen for 3sixteen.,This Friday, November | Save the date! This coming Sunday, November | https://instagram.com/p/BbAPKRShJpw/ |..

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3sixteen - Yuketen 2018-11-07 02:13

15y: Yuketen for 3sixteen.

This Friday, November 9th, we launch the third of our collaboration projects in celebration of our 15 year anniversary. We partnered with Yuketen to produce a limited edition, hand dyed Indigo Rocker Ox. This is a project that we’ve spent a long time on and we...

Yuketen Photo 2017-11-10 05:05

Save the date! This coming Sunday, November 12th, at Rose Bowl Flea Market, our director, Yuki Matsuda, will be releasing his personal massive sample collection for special deals!
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