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Zen Wars Photo 2013-05-11 19:28

Zen Wars has been updated to version 1.3!

We’ve added iPhone 5 support, so now you can enjoy Zen Wars natively on your new iOS devices! We have also changed the campaign mode, there is no more normal difficulty, instead, casual mode only has 1 life. After casual mode it’s not ...

Zen Wars Photo 2012-11-02 17:52

Last chance to vote for Zen Wars! Please vote so we can add more levels and multiplayer modes! It only takes a few seconds, we promise :).

Zen Wars Photo 2012-10-03 23:44

Last day to vote for Zen Wars and help us secure funds for a second free campaign! It only takes a minute, promise.


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Zen Wars Nominated for Content Award 2012

Zen Wars has been nominated for an award! Help us win and get funds for a new campaign, more weapons and modes by voting for us!

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