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Zener Technologies - How we celebrated SFD-2017, Thanks to Saroj | Hands on 3D pen at Oxford College of Engineering | Do not miss out! | The Graphic..

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ING Nepal : FOSS Community - Zener Technologies 2017-09-18 10:44

How we celebrated SFD-2017, Thanks to Saroj Dhakal for facilitating wiki editathon and Hempal Shrestha for his knowledge sharing about license for open source. And Many thanks to Zener Technologies, Robotics Academy of Nepal
We are very happy to see all the participants and representatives for...

Robotics Academy of Nepal - Zener Technologies 2017-09-06 12:22

Hands on 3D pen at Oxford College of Engineering and Management
Students are experiencing 3d pen by adding apples to the existing 3d painted tree..
We will be there soon to reach more enthusiastic students like them :)

Thank you Bhim Bhandari sir and Bhairab Budha Kshetri sir for the co...

On a mission to Mars (with Hawaii stopover) - BBC News

UP mini 2 3D Printer from Tiertime UP 3D Printer being used in simulation :) We are proud to be one of the representative of the UP 3D Printers family.

Zener Technologies Photo 2017-08-16 12:21

Zener Technologies is now hiring interns. Engineers, designers and makers are highly encouraged to apply for the position. If you love Design and Prototyping, here's the platform.
To apply for the position, fill-up the google form by going in to the link mentioned below: