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Zombies - Horror Movie Legends: Amazing mash up of | They're coming to get you, Barbara...: RIP | Max Brooks: 'The movie and the book [shakes | I..

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How 'World War Z 2' Can Resurrect The Zombie Sub-Genre In Hollywood

Max Brooks: "The movie and the book [shakes head] really don't have a lot in common. They got a great title! And people are asking me, 'What do you think of the movie?'. Here's the deal. I expected to hate it. I wanted to hate it. I wanted it to suck! ... Then I went t...

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What would happen if a cure was found for a zombie infection? How would the world heal? How would we cope with what we had done? After Us will answer those questions.

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Can you survive the horror Hospital??

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Z Towers: An Apocalyptic Plague, Made in the USA | Zombies

If your coworkers were suddenly infected zombies, who would you kill first and why? As you ponder the depth of that question, sink your teeth into Z Towers, a hilarious book about a zombie outbreak in a skyscraper. Think Die Hard meets Shaun of the Dead!

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