We've talked about Sami Huhtala before, and there is a reason for that. A lot of newspaper articles have been written about him, mostly focusing on his acting. This #SpotlightSunday is about the many sides of Sami. He plays one of the main villains in #BackwoodMadness: the mysterious Troll King #OKSA. In this photo we see him right as he is about to hit the makeup chair. The massive prosthetics can be a challenge for some. Not for Sami. Sami is a hard worker and an easy guy to work with, but what is best about him? He is always ready for anything and never not in a great mood. It's no wonder so many people want to work with Sami, and he's appeared in a lot of films in the last couple of years. One of them is Finland's first superhero movie #RENDEL, where he played one of the funniest supporting characters: Taneli. He also does stand-up comedy with his friend JP Kangas. Is there anything this champion can't do? He is a literal champion, by the way. He has several powerlifting world championships under his belt. You do not want to mess with this guy. Sami is a powerful comedian - and much more. Soon you'll see his dark side with the Oksa character. Beware! It's gonna be awesome! __________ Photo: Mikko Löppönen. Thanks: Antti Kankaanpää. #korpihulluus #trollking #standup #actor #näyttelijä #samihuhtala #peikko #elokuva #horrorfilm #powerlifting #champion #troll #monstermovie #madnessiscoming