Bond: Kizuna

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In the heart of Tokyo, Tatsumi; The Godfather of a notorious yakuza clan is killed by his ambitious right hand man Gondo. Gondo leaves for Los Angeles to expand his territory. Tatsumi's daughter Lynn sets out to seek revenge for her father's death, but loses her eyesight. A mute name Gen, who Lynn always admired, promises to help her with her quest for revenge and follows with her to LA in search of Gondo. Once in LA, Lynn and Gen gather a team of expert assassins; Brett, Emily, Victor and begin taking on paid hit jobs. One by one they begin exterminating criminals that slipped through the law. KATE a rookie detective, happens to blunder into a hit job in progress and see one of the assassins (Gen). She is about to be killed by Gen as a witness but he takes pity on her and makes her swear that she will never reveal his identity. After Kate's best friend is murdered by one of Gondo's men, Kate joins the hunt for the yakuza and hires Gen and his assassins to seek revenge. In the meantime Victor, one of the assassins falls in love with a women who is brutal killed by Gondo's men and once again a revenge hit is ordered but this time it is personal. We find that each life is connected; like a bond (which means in Japanese: kizuna).