Game of Power

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Newspaper journalist Louis Cataldo finds himself questioning the circumstances involving the sale of a popular neighborhood bar called Delaney's that was converted into a strip club. He discovers that there are improprieties and seeks to ascertain what political implications are involved in the Delaney's sale. Approached by Paul Matthews, the new owner of Delaney's and rumored to be a leader of an organized crime family, Cataldo is invited to become a disc jockey at the strip club, as a token of thanks for being unbiased in his stories. Naturally, his disc jockey job is perceived as a conflict of interest by his editor and he is removed from covering the strip club story. Meanwhile, Denise Fortin, owner of a flower shop, is murdered shortly after Cataldo interviews her for a newspaper profile story. Cataldo begins investigating her murder and finds himself as an accomplice of an even bigger crime, while uncovering a secret buried deep within political circles.