The 49ers team photographers will highlight a select player's gameday routine..

The 49ers team photographers will highlight a select player's gameday routine each week throughout the 2017 season.

First up, Eric Reid.

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  • Eric Reid game day routine.
    1 : put on equipment
    2: listen to Katie Perry during warm-up
    3 : kneel during national Anthem
    4 hit the field and play below average at his new position of strong safety .
    5: exit field in defeat.
    Repeat 16 times

  • The flag and in whole; this country doesn't now nor has it ever stood for that were Made to believe it stands for. America was Stolen from its rightful people, who were raped, poisoned and kill. Built on the backs of slaves. Who were taken from Africa, raped, beaten, dehumanized and killed. Let's not forget the railroads built on the backs of Asians who were treated as slaves in there own right.

    The entire foundation of this America was built on the bloody discarded bones of oppressed people.

    To this day we as a country continue to rape Foreign lands. We're Told it's to protect America. Must be just a Coincidence that these places are rich in oil, gold, other precious metals and let's not forget protecting water pipelines.

    We are a country without morals, not us as individuals but as a collective usa. Yet I'm to stand in pride and repeat a song that not only lacks moral ground but hides it's last line that tells me that I'm a slave, and no matter where I run, where I hide, only death awaits me.

    No country is pure, without fault or free of oppression in one form or another. America may not be at the top of that list but it's closer to the top than it is the bottom.

  • Any idea why Kaepernick has offered to stand during the National Anthem if signed by an NFL team this year? Because money is more important than his cause.

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