Jordan Henderson's verdict on Reds' draw with Sevilla.

"There are positives to take, but we should have got the three points."

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  • Plastic twats the lot of you so quick to stick the boot in. Our fans are turning into United city and Chelsea fans pretty embarrassing really

  • Henderson needs to be sacked from Liverpool! Worse captain we have ever had. He's not a leader, never steps up to pressure. Refuses to take penalties as he can't take them. Never passes the ball long! Always to nearest person to side of him or backwards! He needs to go! It's like playing with 10 men when he's in the team!

  • Our defence is horrible. Matip and Lovren can't cover each other and the left & right backs are literally missing. Maybe when Clyne returns things will get better, but we are in desperate need for some new CB's.

One beautiful performance in Europe.....

Manchester City

One beautiful performance in Europe... 😍


Read the manager's post-match thoughts...


Jürgen Klopp admitted to a feeling of disappointment after Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Sevilla FC in the UEFA Champions League, but was pleased with his side's performance.

Mauricio on Dortmund win

Tottenham Hotspur

🗣️ Mauricio: "It means more than three points." 🙌

Geoff Thomas will be at the game on Saturday!

Crystal Palace

❤️️ Help us mark Geoff and the 3 Tours Challenge team's incredible achievement this weekend. 👏

Liverpool FC is at Anfield.


The Reds have to settle for a point from their UEFA Champions League opener.

Liverpool FC is at Anfield.


A thrilling 45 minutes ends with the Reds in front.

Roberto Firmino levelled the score and later sent a penalty against the post, after Mohamed Salah's deflected drive found the net.

Watch With: Jack Collison

West Ham United

"I told you... I told you!" 😂

Quiz: Match the Hammer to the heat map

West Ham United

How closely were you watching on Monday? 🤔

West Ham United Photo - 2017-9-13

West Ham United