July 1, 2015
- Taable Note Team is proud to announce the release of a new version of Taable Note, an innovative social media news magazine employing state-aware technology for exploring and reading worldwide news.

Taable Note simple operation
Delightful reading and simple operation
Taable Note social media news
Handy discovery of related social media news


The release of the new version achieves enhancement on increase of news contents from over millions worldwide sources of social media news, intelligent recommendation of hot news, simple user interface, easy-to-use operation experience, and also underlying efficiency of the program. Taable Note’s news and stories are now both frequently and meticulously picked based on the hottest topics, the trend in the world and user reading behaviors to ensure high quality and an endless stream of fruitful contents. The new version loads fast and offers a clean and delightful reading and operation experience. The program displays social media news in distraction-free newsstand layout and provides eye-catching headlines and attractive photos before reading the full article. It also offers handy discovery of more related social media news with minimum navigation actions when reading articles in details. It categorizes the social media news into 22 news Collections, such as Art & Design, Business, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle, Sports and more. News contents are further categorized into various Topics under each Collection, which enables users to conveniently find and follow any favorite topics or stories by choosing from its well-organized classification. Apart from the home screen widget with recommendations of hot and breaking news, it enables users to customize their newsstand by subscribing Topics under News Collections to suit their own preferences.

Taable Note is cross-platform for Android, IOS and web browsers (online newsstand - http://note.taable.com) and seamlessly synchronized across smart-phones, tablets and computers.


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